Parish Councillor : Christopher Thom

Name Christopher Thom
Roles Parish Councillor

Christopher lives in Knightswood. He supports his young family as a stay at home father. Previously he worked at King Edward VI School, where he taught Philosophy and before that he ran successful Post-16 Unit for Autistic young adults.

Christopher says that this experience "has taught me the importance of supporting, and working for, an inclusive and welcoming community. I now want to encourage others to become more active members of our lively and diverse local area.

Since both my children have now reached school age I have started up my own small business as a film producer. This carer allows me to focus on my creative side but also allows me the time to start giving something back to my local community.

I hope that all this gives me a set of skills and insights that would be invaluable as a parish councillor. The role of a stay at home dad has meant I have had direct contact of many of the facilities that Valley Park Parish Council and Test Valley Borough Council run for families and parents; more importantly I know how vital they are. I also hope that as a local businessman I can bring a professional attitude and a ‘can do’ approach to the variety of issues and aspirations of the local community. My role as a teacher has taught me that interpersonal skills, communication and a warm and welcoming attitude are essential."


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