Have your Say - Public Consultation - Public Transport and Street Lighting

As part of the agreed Transformation to 2019 programme a public consultation has been launched in relation to street lighting, supported passenger transport services and the concessionary travel scheme. 
This more detailed consultation follows on from the main Serving Hampshire – Balancing the Budget consultation carried out last year and seeks views from interested parties and the wider public on the options for delivering the planned savings in respect of the services mentioned above. 
The consultation closes at midnight on 5 August 2018.  The questionnaire used during the consultation process can either be completed online or is available for download on the consultation website:
www.hants.gov.uk/aboutthecouncil/haveyoursay/consultations/publictransportandstreetlighting, along with other supporting information.   
With 89% of bus journeys being provided on a commercial basis, not controlled or funded by the County Council, most public bus services will be outside the scope of this review. This consultation, therefore, only includes those public bus services which receive financial support from Hampshire County Council. A list of the public bus and ferry services subsidised by Hampshire County Council, which are within the scope of this review, is available on the consultation website. 
The County Council has taken the decision to protect the core funding which it provides to frontline community transport services (Dial-a-Ride, Call and Go and Minibus Group Hire Schemes) whilst at the same time wanting to look at how these services can be made more financially sustainable for the future. 
It is worth noting that any community which currently has a transport service should still retain an essential transport link in the future. 
Please Have your Say.