HWRC service update

From Hampshire County Council:

Dear Members,

I thought you would appreciate an update on the HWRC service as we are
responding to the continuing problem of high demand and traffic queuing
issues which are impacting on road safety, as well as local businesses
and residents, depending on the location of different sites.  We know
that the HWRC service is very important to residents and they have
valued the convenience and efficiency of one of the largest and most
accessible HWRC networks in England, which has not previously restricted
access to pre-book slots only.  We have sought to protect the basic
service model during the current crisis, but the social distancing and
'Covid-safe' working requirements mean that capacity on site has been
significantly reduced, whilst demand has been very high - this problem
is not unique to Hampshire.  We have put in place traffic additional
management and extended the opening hours as well as repeatedly asking
residents to limit journeys to the HWRCs to essential trips, but despite
these measures demand remains very high and traffic queueing continues
to cause problems.

Steps are therefore now being taken to implement a pre-booking system,
which will mean that visits to sites can only be made if pre-booked.  We
are able to draw on lessons learned and experience from other areas that
have implemented pre-booking systems, and we have the benefit of being
able to select a system that has been proven already, rather than
developing such a system from scratch.  We are still working through the
details of how the system will operate in practice, and when it will go
live, but we are aiming for implementation by mid June.  We will of
course provide more details as soon as the arrangements are finalised.

In the meantime I attach a link to a press release [1] on this subject
which we have issued this evening.


[1] https://www.hants.gov.uk/News/29052020HWRCbooking



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