What Happens to Your Garden Waste?

We are a nation of gardeners and the residents of Test Valley are no exception, with more than 13,000 households currently subscribing to the Council’s Garden Waste Collection Service.

An annual subscription to this service provides a fortnightly collection from a garden waste bin or reusable sack.The items collected include grass cuttings, shrub and hedge prunings, weeds, leaves and windfalls.  Additional bins or sacks can also be added for a small charge.  For more information or to subscribe to this service visit: www.testvalley.gov.uk/gardenwaste.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your garden waste?  All of the collected garden waste is taken straight to a composting site at Chilbolton. The waste is composted in long heaps called windrows for 20 weeks and it’s turned regularly so it composts evenly.  The finished product ‘Pro-Grow’ is a fine grade, peat-free soil conditionerwhich is sold online at www.pro-grow.com or at the Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Have you considered home composting? It can reduce your waste, save you money and help your garden bloom!  You can make your own compost bin from planks of wood, pallets or bricks but many householders often prefer to buy a purpose-made home composter. These can be purchased from www.getcomposting.com which has reduced rates for Hampshire residents.  Compost bins can also be bought from most garden centres.

If you would like more information about garden waste in Test Valley, contact the Environmental Service on 01264 368000.