Glendowan open space - security works

Update: 17th July 2023

Update from TVBC regarding security measures at Glendowan Open Space.
The new gate and bollards will be fitted today and tomorrow at the above open space.
Bollards - These will run along the left side of the car park entrance replacing the timber knee rail. Two bollards will also be placed right of the height barrier to the front of the cleft fence.
Gate - The gate is box section metal with a shrouded lock and will replace the current field gate.
The earth bund in both locations has been completed. We will look at seeding the bund in the autumn with a wildflower mix.
TVBC has also been in touch with HCC about the cycleway and any potential changes which could be made to narrow the route in one place.

Update: 9th July 2023

A short update, from Test Valley Borough Council Parks and Countryside Manager, on the plans to change the boundary arrangements at the Glendowan open space following the recent break in:

  1. A concrete block has been placed to the front of the field gate which leads into the field. This is a temporary measure.
  2. A shroud will be welded onto the height barrier tomorrow which will make direct access onto the padlock with cutting equipment harder to achieve.
  3. ROCON, a civil engineering contractor will be constructing an earth bund around the car park which will measure 1.5 meters at base and approx.. 70cm in height.  A short section of bund  (approx.5 metres in length) will be constructed on the borough boundary with Eastleigh and to the side of properties on Taw Drive. The bunds will be consolidated top soil.  We will not be able to sow the bund at this time of year but will complete this in the autumn, ideally with a wild flower mix.  We may need to remove the timber fence around the car park to facilitate these works however the fence as a boundary will be redundant once the bund is in place.
  4. An order has been placed for a heavy duty gate to replace the metal field gate into the open space. The gate will be boxed metal with a shroud to provide further protection to the padlock. The gate is being made to order. A date for installation will be shared once known. The concrete block will be removed once the gate is in situ.
  5. An order has been placed for 8 metal concrete filled bollards, powder coated black.  These bollards will replace timber knee rail which runs along the entrance (left) of the car park. A bollard will also be placed to the right of the height barrier to protect access through the cleft fencing.  The date for the works will be shared once known.

The changes here will improve security, however, someone intent on forcing entry with access to equipment which can cut metal (committing criminal damage) is a very difficult prospect to stop.  Also, the bund will change the way the space looks from the car park, especially in the interim until it is vegetated. Elsewhere that these types of schemes are implemented, the community are generally delighted that actions have been taken.