Your Guide to a Mentally Healthy Workplace

Triangulate has produced a booklet as a resource to signpost information from a range of national charities. Aimed at employers and individuals the booklet brings together a number of contacts. Bridget Brook, Trustee of Triangulate, says ‘so often we hear from managers that they don’t know where to turn when someone in their workplace is struggling with stress and anxiety. There are many sources of information and support available but if you haven’t had to deal with this before, then knowing where to go is not so easy. We’ve put links to many sources of information in one place so anyone can see there is help available.’ Ian Cox, of OKW Enclosures Ltd and also a Trustee says ‘we’ve been delighted with early feedback from some of the national charities who have been supportive of the concept of our booklet. And now that it’s ready they are delighted to see the information brought together in one resource which will be free to anyone who would like a copy’.

Hard copies are available for anyone, companies and individuals, by emailing Copies are free but a charge will be made to cover post and packing as follows:

single copies £0.50
up to 20 £4.00
up to 100 £7.50
up to 200 £10.00
box of 320 £12.00


The attached pdf is freely available for use on company websites and intranets. It is requested that the wording below accompanies the front cover visual and pdf:

Triangulate’s ‘Your guide to a Healthy Workplace’ signposts sources of support and information, giving direct links to websites and documents from a range of sources promoting positive mental health.


Your Guide to a Healthy WorkplaceYour Guide to a Healthy Workplace (PDF, 2MB)