It's OK to ... coming out of shielding

Hampshire County Council has an "It's OK" campaign which offers guidance to people who may have been shielding or self-isolating and what they can now do safely and how.

Coming out of shielding

We have all spend a lot more time indoors that normal in the last few months. This is especially true if you have been shielding due to a health condition. From 1st August the government paused shielding and relaxed the rules which means that you can now go to more places and see more people. This may feel strange to start with and may take a while to get used to things that were considered “normal” before COVID-19. Seeing friends and family, taking the dog out or going to the shops is all possible now but you may just have to take extra precautions when you go out.
Please follow the link above for more information and guidance.
[this page was last edited on 7 Sep 2020]