Public Spaces Protection Orders - extensions

Please find attached two Public Spaces Protection Orders, which have been made previously. These are extensions of the old Orders by a further three year period.


Dog Control

Extension to Public Spaces Protection Order - Dog Control, Test Valley Borough Council

Update as of 9 Aug 2023

Further to the consultation process undertaken the Council has now extended (with minor changes) the Dog Control Public Spaces Protection Order made in 2020, with the Order running for a further period of 3 years and due to expire on 15 June 2026. 

The Order covers dog fouling throughout the Borough and contains an exclusion in relation to child’s play areas and enclosed sports facilities.  It also allows authorised persons to request that dogs be placed on a lead if they are causing a nuisance. 

This Order is available for download from the document section of the following Test Valley Borough Council website:

Public spaces protection order (PSPOs) | Test Valley Borough Council



Extension to Public Spaces Protection Order, Test Valley Borough Council